Section 8 Application

This site is to help save you time while looking for a Section 8 Application online. The plain truth is that I have scoured the internet and have not been able to find any housing authority that will let you download a section 8 application. Every one I have checked requires that you either call and request to have an application mailed to you or either you have to visit the local HUD office in person. One tip that I am able to give you is to contact several Housing and Urban Development offices in your area. Many have long waiting lists and depending on the need at the local office you may never be contacted. By contacting several offices you can get on many different waiting lists. Remember that once you have been approved and have your voucher you may use that voucher in any of the States in the Union including and of our territories.

As well remember that in order for the federal government to be able to give you something they have to take it from someone else. That said, please first make sure to check your local charities and local churches to see if they can assist you. Many churches have money set aside to help those who are truly in need.